Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Green Mile

I'm not a big Stephen King fan at all but I do have to say my all time favorite movie has to be The Green Mile. As a matter of fact tho I have never even read his books on the Green Mile and John Coffey but I simply loved this movie. And it's not something I'd even associate with Stephen King.

Based in the 1930's during the depression Tom Hanks (Paul Edgecombe) plays a security guard on death row called the Green Mile. What an outstanding performance by Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan who plays John Coffey, an 8 foot tall man who was brought in for the rape and murder of 2 little girls. As the story goes along, the real story of John Coffey and the 2 little blonde girls comes out. Afterward the guards are struck with a moral dilemma as to what to do with John Coffey. Also starring in the movie is David Morse (Brutal), Barry Pepper (Dean Stanton), Doug Hutchison (Percy, csi fans will recognize him as Nick's stalker), Bonnie Hunt (Jan, Paul's wife) and a small part by Gary Sinise (John Coffey's lawyer). This movie definitely is a must see. Altho I've never read the books by Stephen King, I think I'm gonna have to pick them up one day and read them to see how much of a difference there is between them and the movie.

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Friday, October 10, 2008


If you're into the barbarian movies, you'll enjoy Gladiator. With Russell Crowe playing lead as Maximus what could go wrong?? Set in the times of Roman Emperor Marcus Auerlis (also known as "the wise"). General Maximus Decimus Meridius is a good and loyal friend to the present Emperor Marcus Auerlis until his death, he's captured and enslaved because he refused to accept the new emperor, Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) who is also the son of Marcus Auerlis. Maximus works himself up thru the ranks of Gladiator to his final match facing the emperor Commodus for his final match.

Over all a great movie with some damn fine acting. Russell Crowe, Richard Harris, better known as Dumbledore from Harry Potter, Joaquin Phoenix, known for his role as Johnny Cash in Walk the line, all with some pretty fine creditials under their belts. Altho there's some pretty gory scenes in this movie, I've seen far worse in the so-called horror movies like Elm St.

One of my favorite scenes in this movie is when Commodus finds out his plan to kill Maximus had failed.