Sunday, July 26, 2009

I was at Walmart a couple of weeks ago just for something to do. Well I was looking around in the cheap DVD bin not looking for anything in particular but I found one of those duo DVD packages for cheap so I thought what the heck it's only 10$, if I don't like them it's really not a big lose. Well the two movies were Follow The River and Thicker Than Water and I'll tell ya, they're not bad movies. Now would I rush out to see them if they were in the theaters? Probably not and I doubt I'd spend more then the 5 bucks I spent on each one but I'm not disappointed that I bought them.

Follow The River

stars Sheryl Lee as Mary Ingles, younger people will remember from playing Payton's mom Ellie on One Tree Hill but older ones will remember from Twin Peaks, she was Maddy/Laura Palmer. A pregnant Mary Ingles, her son, her sister and another male member of their village were kidnapped by Shawnee Indians. The head brave was Wildcat, played by Eric Schweig (from the movie Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Lewis). Wildcat became impressed with how strong Mary was during these times and he gave her special privileges. Eventually he wanted her to leave with him and he would take care of her and her children but Mary just wanted to get back to her husband Will. Mary ended up being separated from her children and she and another lady, played by Ellen Burstyn, decided to try to get back to their lives. For anyone that did enjoy Last of the Mohicans you will definitely enjoy this movie as well.

Thicker Than Water

: stars Melissa Gilbert, everyone should remember her from Little House On The Praire and Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman. Melissa Gilbert plays Natalie Jones an LA lawyer who's father, just passed away. She gets documents which tells her that he was previously married to rodeo queen, Maggie Mae. Natalie decides to go in search of any information she can about the woman and discovers Maggie had a daughter, Jess (Wagner). This is a very endearing family movie. It's made by Hallmark.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Doctor Dolittle

I remember my mother reading Dr. Dolittle to me when I was a kid and I also remember the 1967 version of Dr Dolittle with Rex Harrison playing Dolittle. Recently tho I saw the 1998 version of Dr Dolittle with Eddie Murphy. I've always liked Eddie Murphy, I find him quite funny but I often wonder why he found it necessary to swear in all his comedy acts. Now he's found out you don't have to curse and swear like a sailor to be funny.

Dr Dolittle is a comedy and family movie about a man who discovered he could talk to animals and they could understand him too. In the first movie, Dolittle not only learns of his unique ability but there's a lot of animals in need of his expertise. Including a tiger suffering from something on his brain. His colleges and his family thinks he's going nuts, as does he at one time, but they all learn that he's not so crazy after all. In the sequel which came out in 2001 Dolittle has come to terms with his ability, as has everyone else and he treats not only human patients but animals ones as well. In the sequel he's summoned to the forest by "the beaver". As it turns out there's a large company that is leveling the forest wanting to make it more commercialized. In order to help the animals, Dolittle has to be the love doctor and introduce Archie the bear to Ava the bear. Both of which are endangered species, being the only way they can save the forest.

The Dolittle family was played by the same people in both movies, Eddie Murphy as Dr Dolittle, Kristen Wilson as Lisa Dolittle, Raven-Symoné as Charisse Dolittle and Kyla Pratt as Maya Dolittle. So if you're looking for a movie for the entire family to watch, I highly recommend these ones. They're hilarious.